Why it is Awesome to Have Twins

I have heard it all – “two babies, how do you manage?” and, “Wow, you must be tired all the time.” I have even heard a few more bold statements I won’t mention here. However, as hard as it can be sometimes having twins is amazing and I would not trade for anything in the world.

2 for 1

The pregnancy is twice as hard, but you get two 2 for 1. I was sick with morning sickness for 13 solid weeks and throughout most of the pregnancy I thought my rib cage was going to break, but I’m glad I didn’t have to be pregnant a second time to get my third child. 

The Attention

If you’re an extrovert you will love the attention twins get. When they are small, everyone walks by excitedly asking if they are twins.  Since people are enthralled with twins you tend to get more help while out and this a great thing when you have to navigate through doors and aisles at stores.

 I Love My Husband More than Ever

When you have twins, your husband becomes more like a second mom, than a dad. At 4 AM when you are both semi-awake and the twins are both covered in drool, poop and mild – you suddenly realize – wow, I love this guy more than ever!

The Unique Bond

From the time of birth, I have loved observing the unique bond that my twin girls have. From the first time they smiled at one another to hugging each other at two weeks old, it will melt your heart.  Twins will always have each other – a best friend for life! This also helps when it comes to mommy have a few minutes alone. My twins girls tend to entertain themselves rather than looking to me to be their constant source of entertainment. 

Double Milestones

There is no question that raising Ella and Rose is a challenge. Also, when you throw a six-year-old in the mix, it is even more challenging. Some days I think I would like running 26.2 miles more than my mommy duties. However, there are countless moments that make it all worthwhile – the smiles, hugs, words, rolls, steps, and the list goes on and on.

Twins are amazing. All the joy and happiness one baby brings you is amplified and something you don’t fully understand until you can experience it yourself!

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