Why Having Twins is Easier than Just One

After having my six-year-old, Ava, I thought I knew what being a mum was all about. I’d just started to get into a routine with bedtimes, bath times, and meals, and for the most-part, I felt like I wasn’t doing a terrible job as a parent, then the twins happened.

As much as me and my husband Dan loves Ella and Rose (and wouldn’t trade them for the world), when I first found out I was having twins it’s safe to say I felt pretty overwhelmed. Twins seem like double the pain, double the work, and double the confusion – and when you’ve already got one youngster to look after it all piles up pretty quickly. However, now that I’ve had a chance to be on both sides of the fence – as a mother of a single baby, and a mother of twins, I think I have the experience to say this: “Having twins is easier than you think.”

If you’re expecting twins yourself and you’re trying to overcome that sense of panic that sits in with the sound of two extra heartbeats, these three reasons why having twins is easier than just one could help to put your mind at ease.

1.    They Always have a Playdate

One of the biggest jobs I have as a mom is keeping my babies entertained. They’re so curious and full of life that they want to explore everything, try everything, and play almost all the time (at least, when they’re not napping). Having a single child means that all the play-time comes down to you. You’re the only person your poor youngster can turn to when they’re feeling lonely. However, when you’ve got twins, your child has an instant best friend. With twins, you don’t have to deal with the pressure of having to sign your kids up for classes just so that they can be more social – they’ll always have each other to play with.

2.    You Know How to Schedule

When you have a child, you tell yourself that you’ll learn how to stick to a schedule. I did almost every day and then rushed around like crazy trying to get everything done before bedtime. Though it’s going to be a little bit tough, to begin with, trust me when I say that if you don’t sync to your twins internal feed/wake/sleep clocks, you’re probably never going to be able to eat or sleep yourself again. Sounds dramatic – I know, but you’ll learn how to cope, and you’ll become a more organized person as a result.

3.    You Won’t Have Time to Overthink Things

Finally, I know this sounds like a strange thing to be positive about, but not having time to overthink things can do wonders for your stress levels. The truth is that parents are always way too hard on themselves. I was, my friends are, and you probably are too! When you’re looking after twins, you don’t have time to sit thinking about which organic foods you should be buying to be a good mom, or whether you should be using a particular brand of soap, you just do! You find the things that work and you keep plowing forwards.

Do you have twins? What do you think is easier with have two?


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