Visiting Athens Greece: 5 Must-See Things!

Visiting Athens Greece: 5 Must-See Things!If you only have the chance to visit one place in Greece in your life, make sure that it’s Athens. This gorgeous ancient city is a place that every tourist ought to see at least once. From impressively old structures to a booming cultural sector, there’s just so much to adore right here.  Daniel and I and our 3 girls six-year-old Ava and 16-month-old twins Ella and Rose just spent an amazing week in Athens.

So, we can tell you where you should you start? Well, if you’re a total newbie to the area, here are just five places to get you started on your adventurous journey.

Parthenon in Acropolis

Visiting Athens Greece: 5 Must-See Things

This spectacular former temple is dedicated to the goddess Athena. The best way to visit the Parthenon is by a walking tour.  Make sure to visit early because the buses start to pile up.  If you don’t want to pay for the audio guide download the Rick Steves audioguide and put it on your smart phone.  When we visited the Parthenon it was a really hot day and we had to make sure to keep the children hydrated and covered up from the sun.  Don’t forget your sun screen too!

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Visiting Athens Greece: 5 Must-See Things

This super hot tourist spot used to be a full-blown temple in the heart of the city. Over time, the building fell to ruin, and there’s now very little of what would have been an awe-inspiring and impressive structure. It’s well worth heading to this area for the day so that you can take in the sights and get some rather astounding pictures. You will need a couple of hours here. The Arch of Hadrian is nearby too, which is definitely a must-see point.

Baba Au Rum

When the sun sets, you may well wonder where you can dance the night away and enjoy some delicious drinks too. The night life in Athens is like no other in the world. Be sure to hit up Baba Au Rum; a 1950s style bar where you can relax and enjoy a lively atmosphere. As you may expect, it has a seriously huge selection of rums! Yum.


Visiting Athens Greece: 5 Must-See Things

Looking for some great gifts to take home to your loved ones? Well, then you absolutely need to head to this urban area where you can find some of the best markets in the country. From speciality stores to clothing boutiques, there’s something for everyone here. Head here for a lazy afternoon and you won’t regret it.

National Gardens

Visiting Athens Greece: 5 Must-See Things

Finally, when the weather is bright (as it usually is in Athens), you should take a quick trip to the National Gardens. The public park is a beautiful place to unwind and many tourists love it here. There’s a whole load of land here, some ponds, and even a small zoo.


If you are thinking of visiting Greece with your Family drop me a line and I will be glad to give you some tips!  xo Robyn

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