The Joys of Twins – It Is Truly AMAZING!

The Joys of Twins - It Is Truly AMAZING!

I was recently approached by a woman in her 30s at the mall who seemed a bit intrigued about how I managed to have 10-month old twins and a five-year-old at home. She kept going on about how horrible things would be at her house with all those kids.

Don’t get me wrong – she wasn’t rude, but it was kind of amusing to see what an outsider thinks when she sees me walking in the mall. I know some people see me as a walking advertisement for birth control; however, I am extremely proud of my little family.

I truly love being a mommy to twins. Yes, I was scared when I discovered there were two little people on their way, but today, I couldn’t fathom not having Ella and Rose in my life.

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However, I am not going to lie – there is a few day to day struggles, but just like any other parent – you learn to get through them and find your own routine.

Yes, they are twice the work.

I’m not going to say otherwise because that would not be the truth. However, it’s not that big of a deal to change one more diaper and burp another baby. It’s all about organization. When you get a routine, you can have twins napping and eating at the same time. As a result, I have a few hours free each day to have princess tea parties with Ava (which is one of our all-time favorites!).

You get double the fun.

You don’t grow out of the baby “phases” so quickly. Twins don’t develop at the same time. For me, I consider that a blessing. When one began to crawl, the other still relied on me for moving from place to place. I imagine it will be the same with walking. Think about it – how many people get to call their husbands twice the same year about their baby’s first steps? I grin just imagining it!

Twins are amazing – a true blessing. They do require a bit more work, but with organization and a routine, you will find this isn’t something you dread. I look forward to each day I get to spend with all three of my girls. 

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