Milla Jovovich Takes Her Daughters Ever and Dashiel To Paris

Milla Jovovich Takes Her Daughters Ever and Dashiel To ParisMilla Jovovich is enjoying a summer adventure with her look-alike daughters in Paris. The former model and Hollywood actress recently shared a photo of her and her girls enjoying the sights and sounds of the City of Lights on her Instagram account.

The 41-year-old celebrity mom captioned her photo with, “Me and my gorgeous girls walking around Paris on my day off! It’s hot and muggy, but there’s nothing better than hitting the streets with these little ladies! #parisopéra #parisdiary.”

Mill shares 9-year-old Ever and 2-year-old Dashiel with her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson. Earlier this year, the ‘Resident Evil’ star admitted that her daughter Ever might one day take after her famous mother. Even though she hasn’t seen Milla in ninja action just yet, she says that the little girl does share some of the same qualities she has. In other words, she loves action.

In an interview with Britain’s Express paper, Milla said, “Ever is really into Roblox and Minecraft [electronic games] right now. We’ve always said that if all else fails she could always control cranes or something. It’s intense how agile these kids’ fingertips are on iPads and things. I’m pretty sure that our kids aren’t going to be afraid of the undead though.”

Milla also says that her daughters are so active that she has to workout just to keep up with them. But according to Milla, that’s not a bad thing at all.

She added, “I met a girl who invited me to do yoga. I never had to keep myself in shape until I had children. And then the hormone things happened and everything went downhill from there. Now I’ve got to work on it whereas before it was just natural. I could eat whatever, now it’s like I pay for what I eat with hours in the gym.”

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Photo credit Milla Jovovich Instagram