Hotel Room Hacks When Traveling with Babies

Hotel Room Hacks When Traveling with BabiesTraveling can be tiring for the best of us, but it can be even more challenging with a little one. Don’t worry! Here are some helpful tips to make your hotel stay more comfortable with your baby, while traveling.

Pack Some Painter’s Tape To Babyproof

Hotel rooms have many hidden dangers for babies that you should consider when you’re first arriving. Although painter’s tape or masking tape won’t solve all of these problems, it will help. Tape can easily cover outlets and electrical plugs to deter wandering fingers, without causing damage or breaking the bank. In addition, you can place a small piece of tape on the top of cabinet doors to keep them closed to vulnerable baby fingers. Tape can also soften some dangerous table corners and sharp edges. You can even use tape to keep toilet seats closed.

White Noise Can Be Soothing

The unfamiliar noises that can be heard throughout the night in your hotel room can really affect a baby. The change in environment is enough to set most babies on edge. To limit the strange noises you can try a comforting song or white noise. is a free white noise player that can sooth babies and even adults, while away from home.

It Never Hurts To Ask

It never hurts to ask beforehand when it comes to hotels. Depending on where you are staying, some hotels will provide a crib, a Pack-N-Play, a highchair, or a mini fridge, to little or no extra cost. Anything that will simplify your stay will be beneficial to you and your baby. If your baby typically has their snack in their highchair it’s a good idea to try and remain consistent. Although not all hotels have these benefits it is smart to call ahead and ask.

Apartment Hotels and Suites

When you’re booking a hotel, you may want to consider requesting an apartment hotel instead. The price varies on these so it is hard to compare prices but the comfort of a suite or apartment hotel can make or break a trip. Preparing meals and cleaning up after a baby can be difficult with one sink in a tiny hotel room. A small kitchen area will allow plenty of room to cook meals and keep milk and other foods fresh. Clean up will also be easier with additional space and another sink. This style hotel room is ideal if you’re traveling with other kids or adults in your party. Keeping sleep areas and play areas separate will also make life easier and usually allow for a smooth nap time.

Request a Room at the End of the Hall

When you and your baby are checking in, kindly request a room at the end of the hall. Stairwells echo and people tend to congregate outside of elevators; therefore, you want to be as far from those areas as possible. Hotels often have thin walls, which can disturb your sleeping baby. Also, try and stay away from pools, dining areas, and lobbies, if possible.

Don’t Forget Your Don’t Disturb

You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget simple things when you are traveling with a baby. The rush of traveling often leaves us all feeling drained. One tip is to place your Do Not Disturb sign on the door as soon as you arrive. The last thing you want is for housekeeping to come pounding on the door in the middle of your baby’s nap time. The sign will deter unwanted noise and interruptions and keep your baby at peace while traveling.

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