Schedule, Schedule, For Twins

Schedule, Schedule, For Twins

I’ve never been fond of kid’s schedule until I got Rose and Ella. That is because having twins means double the work. Therefore, scheduling various things is crucial – unless you want to go “crazy.”

Getting your infants to a schedule is the key to remaining sane throughout their early life. Of course, with time this changes as they grow into their distinctive characters. Here are some of the things that helped me with Ella and Rose:

  1. Work As A Team

Trust me, this really helped us. Well, at first it was quite difficult for me. I thought that I’d experience the same thing as I had with Ava. So, I tried to manage to do everything on my own till I realized I couldn’t do it alone anymore. So, we had a lengthy talk with Daniel and came up with a routine for changing and rocking the twins to sleep.

To be honest, during the first week, Daniel was quite “terrible” in how he handled the twins. I had my own “way” of how I would love to get things done and he had his own. I didn’t feel comfortable with that but I had to adjust. Trust me, it turned out to quite okay in the end.

  1. Write It Down

Many new twin parents get surprised when I make this suggestion to them. So, how does this help? When Rose and Ella were young, I found out that they had different times where they wanted to be fed, poop and sleep.

That helped me know their feeding time, the amount of food each ate, the time they poop and amount and their sleep duration. Remarkably, the results were almost the same. Together with Daniel, we created a schedule with the notes.

  1. You Have to Act

Whoever said, “Let your babies sleep till they wake up on their own,” clearly was taking to the singleton parents. Having twins is double the effort. You have to have them scheduled. I know you will find this difficult to put into practice but according to Dr. Flais, “After you feed one of the twins, the other one is likely to wake up an hour later.” I’m sure you don’t want an ugly circle, having to compete with taking care of the twins with no sleep.

  1. Sleeping and Eating Arrangements

Sleeping and eating arrangements are one of the toughest challenges for new parents. You have to use your unique “props” to get them to do these things especially eating. When it comes to sleeping, it’s quite the same. In their early months, you will have to “create” a schedule for them. Trust me, you’d want them both asleep at the same time. Nonetheless, with time, be prepared to buy another crib.

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