10 Pregnancy Myths – We Debunk Them

10 Pregnancy Myths - We Debunk Them

When I first got pregnant, there was one thing that I found time and time again. Basically, everyone I met wanted to tell me what I could and couldn’t do while I was carrying my child. That’s all very well and good except for the fact that there are so many false myths out there. At first, I found myself believing just about everything I heard. That was naive. After a little research, I found that so much of what people tell you just is not true. Here are 10 myths that you must not believe!

  1. Your sickness will end in the first trimester

Sadly, this was not the case for me. I thought that my queasiness would just melt away after a certain point. For many of us, this annoying part of pregnancy can last longer than you’d think!

  1. You need to ‘eat for two’

Many women think that being pregnant means they have to eat twice as much! Ykes. That’s so not the case. Experts recommend that you eat around 200 calories more per day than you usually would. To put that into perspective, that’s about half a sandwich.

  1. You will glow like a Goddess

While we all wish this one was true, it’s kind of a myth. All too often, expectant mothers are way too stressed out about the prospect of birth to feel joyous and glowing. Sorry.

  1. You will crave weird things

Sure, some mothers do crave odd things when they’re expecting their child, but that’s not always the case. I’ve heard of pregnant women craving ‘healthy’ snacks like salad and fruit… I’ve also heard of ladies craving chocolate covered chips. It really is pot luck!

  1. You won’t be able to fly

If you’re planning a vacation, you might think that you can’t fly. While it’s true that your risk goes up after 28 weeks of pregnancy, taking that trip might not be out of the question. Consult your doctor first. You will need a letter from them if you want to get on a plane.

  1. You can’t exercise

Okay, you might think that being pregnant means that you have to hide away in your bed for months on end, but you really don’t. If you were a gym buddy prior to getting pregnant, you should carry on with a toned down version of your normal routine.

  1. You have to stay away from cats

Luckily enough being ‘with child’ does not mean that you need to avoid your feline friend. You can still pet your cat or cuddle up with them in bed. There’s just one thing you can’t do – change their litter tray.

  1. You can’t drink coffee

Um, this one is seriously false. You shouldn’t drink more than a cup a day realistically, but you don’t have to cut caffeine out of your diet completely. That means that you can still drink your cup of java in the morning. Phew.

  1. You can’t dye your hair

While this one sounds like it should be true, it isn’t. When choosing to color your hair, be sure to be pick dyes that aren’t overly chemical. It may be worth chatting to your doctor about which ones are safe.

  1. You have to sleep on your left side

Here’s one that way too many women end up falling for. The truth is you can sleep on any side you please. You have to find what’s comfortable for you. I know that’s what I did! Struggling to sleep is a common complaint among pregnant women, and so it’s worth finding which position is best. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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