Parenting Tips to Live By in the New Year

Parenting Tips to Live By in the New Year

2016 is almost over and for parent’s that means a new beginning. You can wipe the slate clean and start over.

Two great tips for the new year are to be thankful and thoughtful. As parent’s we make mistakes, but we can learn from the mistakes with two great tips.

Be thankful. Parent’s need to be thankful for the joy their children bring into their lives. Your child may get on your nerves or drive you crazy, but think of all the stuff you’d miss out on if you didn’t have your child. Be thankful for the little things. A smile or hug can brighten your day. The laughter of a child when you’re sad will cheer you up. Most important of all, be thankful you’re a parent. Parenthood is one of the most wonderful things to be thankful. You have a great kid who loves you unconditionally. Be thankful you can learn from the mistakes you may have made in the old year and can start fresh with a thankful attitude.

Be thoughtful. Parenting is a hard job and sometimes parent’s lose sight of what parenting is really about. We tend to forget we need to be thoughtful of our child’s feelings. Sometimes parent’s can forgett that kids are people too! At times your child may seem like an alien, but your child still has feelings. A good parent is thoughtful of their child’s feelings, even if you don’t agree. Be aware of how your child feels. Be thoughtful in your words and actions. Go into the new year with a new attitude of thoughtfulness.

If you start the new year with an attitude of thankfulness and thoughtfulness, you will see a difference in your child. Not only will you change, but your child will learn how to be a better person. They will learn respect.

As a parent, it’s important to show your child you are thankful for all they give you and it’s important for you to be thoughtful to their feelings.

Take a step back and evaluate your parenting skills. Are you thankful and thoughtful? Are you ungrateful and hateful?  What kind of parent do you want to be in 2017?