Rachel Zoe & Family Visit the Farmer’s Market


Rachel Zoe, her husband Rodger Berman and their children Skyler & Kaius visited Farmer’s market in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday (Nov. 27).

The celebrity stylists dressed in a shearling leather coat designed from her own fashion label and oversized black shirt and wide leg pants. Both parents pushed their youngsters in strollers while shopping for flowers and produce. 

Zoe recently dished on how her sons are like their parents.

“Skyler is me and Kaius is [my husband Rodger Berman] in every way,” she told at the Children Mending Hearts 8th Annual Fundraiser Empathy Rocks“I gave birth to myself in a boy, somehow or another. No, really. Skyler is exactly me, which is why I have so much patience for it.”

“To be honest, they’re both equally amazing, just totally different and delicious,” she continued. “One hates to sleep — Skyler hates sleeping, like me. Kaius would sleep 20 hours a day if he could. So jealous. Just like Rodger — Rodger needs 20 hours of sleep.”

Zoe and Berman have been married for 20 years.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet