Make Your Disney Vacation Extra Special with ‘In-Room Celebrations’

Make Your Disney Vacation Extra Special with ‘In-Room Celebrations’

On a Christmas trip to Disney last year, I saw several windows at the All-Star Movies Resort decorated with various Disney themes. I suddenly wished I had brought decorations or something special for my family’s hotel room, since this vacation would be my children’s only Christmas gift. Granted, a Disney vacation is a pretty awesome gift, I had no idea that the company provides “In-Room Celebrations” to make your stay even more magical.

Make Your Disney Vacation Extra Special with ‘In-Room Celebrations’

So, what are they? Disney Floral & Gifts will decorate your hotel room (within Walt Disney World, of course) ahead of your stay or while you are gone, so that when you enter, you’re greeted by surprises ranging from a small gift to an extreme wonderland. You can spend $50 or $500, to surprise loved ones with gifts, snacks and decorations. You can throw a birthday party (with or without the balloons and cake), celebrate an anniversary (Wine and chocolate, anyone?), Halloween, Christmas or even a cancer-free diagnosis. If you can imagine it, Disney will put a party together for you, or just leave a gift (floral, edible, or even wearable).

Sure, you could pack an extra bag full of similar items to throw together a surprise yourself, but you’ll likely spend close to the same amount, have more luggage, and little time away from the guest you hope to surprise in the process. Consider In-Room Celebration selections as your souvenirs and if you’re on a budget, don’t splurge in the theme parks as a compromise. If you’re like me, you’ve already gotten out the calculator and can see that if you get a fantastic room at one of Walt Disney World’s Value Resorts and then purchase an In-Room Celebration, you’ll like still be sending less than you would on a single night in their Deluxe Accommodations (and will be leaving with colorful memories that didn’t end when you left the park).

Another option to consider is to have a home delivery ahead of your vacation to get your child excited. Consider these “pre-souvenirs.” The Disney Family Treats Tote can be personalized with your family’s name and delivered to your door. The tote bag is filled with snacks on top and drinks in the insulated bottom, so it makes for the perfect road trip bag to build excitement (a gift from Mickey, who’s excited to meet your child). Or, choose Ears to Your Child, which includes a pair of Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears, an autograph book, Disney pen and treats.

I’ve even considered celebrating occasions at one of the resorts alone and skipping the theme parks. Have you been to a Disney resort lately? The attention to detail makes for a very fun experience in the comfort of your own hotel room. The schedule of complimentary events will keep you busy and entertained (movies under the stars, poolside games). Then there are the arcades, bike rentals, the poolside bars and food court. Now, imagine returning to your room to surprise your kids with a party, food and gifts, right when they thought the fun was over?

I’m a big advocate of spending money on experiences instead of dust collectors, so the thought of giving my kids a fun experience and a tangible souvenir is really the perfect compromise for my family and in the case of In-Room Celebrations, requires no effort on my part. Win-win!

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