5 Tips For Teaching Kids The Meaning of The Fourth of July

5 Tips For Teaching Kids The Meaning of The Fourth of July
The Fourth of July is coming up very shortly and it is a very largely celebrated holiday among Americans! Although most people think about the holiday as a time to have a BBQ, spend time with family, and watch fireworks…that is not the true reason that the Fourth of July is celebrated. It is important to know the real reason that we celebrate and it is important to pass on that knowledge and teach it to your children as well.Today I am going to be sharing with you 5 tips for teaching your kids the meaning of the Fourth of The July.
1. Teach Them the History: Start with explaining what happened on the first “Fourth of July” and the significance of that. Explain to them that our founding fathers gathered to form what is America today and they signed the Declaration of Independence declaring America a new country that provides us with the freedoms and amazing thing that is the country we live in today. 
2. Show Them the Meaning of the American Flag: The American Flag is the symbol of America and it is have a huge significance to us. Get an American flag and explain to your little ones just what it means. Show them that the stripes on the flag represent our original 13 colonies and the the 50 stars represent our 50 continental United States. You could even get them their very own personal flag that they could put in their room to have. 
3. Explain Why It Is Important to Celebrate Independence Day: Independence Day is America’s birthday so it should be celebrated each year just like we would celebrate any of our own birthdays. It’s a great day to celebrate the freedoms we have as Americans such as simple things like going out and spending time with our friends, family, and loved ones. Many other countries are not as lucky as us when it comes to our freedom and it is definitely something to celebrate. 
4. Watch an Informative Movie: Another great way to celebrate and become educated about Independence Day is to watch a movie/documentary all about it! There are a ton of documentaries online and on Netflix that I’m sure you are bound to be able to find one all about our home land! 
5. Have Fun With Crafts or Decor: Lastly, I know as a kid all of this history and information about America can get to be a little boring but you can make it fun! Get together something to make for a craft about the Fourth of July or maybe make a fun dessert to serve for your friends and family at your Fourth celebration! 
The Fourth of July is such an important date for all of us Americans and it is important to make sure your little ones know that it is important as well. Make it informational and fun for the kids and I promise they will have a blast and be so much more informed about America and The Fourth of July. I hope everyone has a great day celebrating our country, Happy Fourth of July!

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