Kristen Bell On Parenthood: It’s a Circus!

Kristen Bell Talks Motherhood With Ellen

Kristen Bell opened up about her not-so-quiet life with her husband Dax Shepard and their two daughters  3-year-old Lincoln and 15-month-old Delta, while making a Monday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“It’s a circus. It’s a circus for sure. I love it. I love them,” Bell told. “But, you know what? You know where we could do better? Why does everyone wake up screaming?

“Like, why don’t they tell you that? Like, ‘they’re going to wake up screaming for, like, four years.’ You wake up — the moment you wake up, you’re in, like, a horror movie, because everyone in the house is screaming bloody murder!”

The Boss actress joked that she hoped that they would learn to make her coffee as they got older. 

“I kind of thought maybe they would, or at least when they get older, right? And they don’t,” she joked. “They wake up screeching and screaming… ”

She added that motherhood has made her more comfortable with giving advice.

I’m so into health food and just just healthy living that my girlfriends and my friends, I feel like, are a little bit over it,” she said. “Because I’ll walk into the room and be like, you guys, does everybody know about selenium?!

Bell and Shepard married in 2013.

They married after dating for six years.

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