Josh Duhamel and Son Axl Enjoy a Silly Playdate

Exclusive... Josh Duhamel Leaving His Son's Playdate

Josh Duhamel picked his son Axl up for his playdate, but the fun didn’t end. The ‘Transformers’ star and his 2-year-old son kept the silliness going. Little Axl peeked through the little craft he made as photographers snapped photos of the celebrity dad and his adorable little guy walked to the truck. Axl peeked through the hole cut in his paper plate craft which framed his smiling face. Too cute!

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Duhamel also kept the fun going. Josh lifted Axl into the truck via the window. Axl slid in with a smile on his face. How fun!

Gosh, Axl looks just like his celebrity mom, Fergie. Josh Duhamel even joked about how much Axl looks like his singer mom saying, “He definitely looks like my wife. I look at those two together and I’m like, ‘Wow! that’s amazing! I’m not even sure if this is my son!'” Duhamel teased. “As far as his personality, I think he really has both of us [but] It’s too early to say. He’s definitely got a personality, this kid, and it’s beautiful.”

It’s amazing how much personality kids can develop at such a young age! With fun celeb dad like Duhamel, and the vivacious Fergie as a mom, it’s no surprise the toddler is full of personality! Josh even shared a throwback picture of his wife this past weekend with the caption, “Happy birthday to my honey bunny.”

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Do you have favorite craft or game you like to entertain your kids’ friends with for playdates? Personally, I am a big fan of crafts, especially in the winter when cold temps keep kids inside. Let us know your favorite go-to games or crafts to keep boredom at bay in the comment section below.

Images via Fame/Flynet