‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ News: Linsey Godfrey Shows Off Spinning Skills – Cute Video With Daughter Aleda

'The Bold and the Beautiful' News: Linsey Godfrey Shows Off Spinning Skills – Cute Video With Daughter Aleda“The Bold and the Beautiful” Linsey Godfrey [Caroline Forrester] often shares photos and video clips via Instagram. Each day seems to bring another adorable clip of 19-month-old daughter Aleda. In the latest short clip Linsey shows off her spinning skills as Aleda sits in her lap.

The little video lasts only about 15 to 20 seconds, but it is the cutest thing! Linsey is sitting on the kitchen floor with Aleda in her lap. Mom and daughter spin around and around. Clearly pleased to have some Mommy time, the toddler is squealing with joy as Godfrey twirls around.

The video is captioned, “I really entertain us 🙂 Floor spins. People always wonder why my legs are covered in bruises haha! I live my life on the floor with my munchkie haha!”

Linsey’s little munchkie really enjoyed spinning in circles because Linsey and Aleda go around and around one more time. After the last turn Aleda is smiling and probably wants to do it again because it certainly looks like a lot of fun. The little girl shares a big smile – she’s definitely amused!

After Linsey and Aleda finish twirling around on the floor Godfrey tells her daughter, “I can’t do anymore. I’m dizzy!” It sounds as if Aleda says, “Really?” but we can’t be certain!

“B&B” viewers enjoy it when Linsey Godfrey shares little bits of her home life with fans. At least, we do! It’s fun to see what our favorite “Bold and the Beautiful” stars do in their down time. It’s especially nice to watch their babies grow up right before our eyes!

While Linsey Godfrey is home having a blast with her little girl, “B&B” viewers are anxious to see Caroline and Ridge return to Forrester Creations! It won’t be long now, will it?

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