Karolina Kurkova Supports Breastfeeding With Selfie

Karolina Kurkova Supports Breastfeeding With Selfie

Karolina Kurkova took to her Instagram account on Friday, to promote breastfeeding by sharing a selfie   feeding her 2-month-old son Noah. 

“Taking a moment today to give thanks for the gift of breastfeeding Nature had things figured out long before we did and I believe there is no better source of nutrition for our babies than a mother’s milk, when we are able to breastfeed. It’s not an easy process, but I encourage you to not give up! It was challenging for me at the start, but I am loving every step of this journey,” she captioned while, adding, “I celebrate the women who have made this beautiful commitment!! I would love to see your #breastfeedingselfie, post or tag a friend who is #breastfeeding XOXO, KK #14weeksandcounting #kkhealthyliving #kkstyle #kkbbaby2 #grateful,” she captioned the shot of herself feeding her baby.

After news of her #breastfeedingselfie movement spread, Kurková took to Twitter to express her joy.

“If this can help and encourage moms to at least give it a try and see someone else do it and put it out there that makes me happy,” she tweeted. “Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but we all need encouragement and acknowledgement!!”

The former Victoria’s Secret model welcomed Noah with husband Archie Drury on Nov. 5. The couple are also parents to son Tobin Jack.