Breastfeeding: Ways to Increase your Supply

Breastfeeding is an amazing bond between baby and mom. However, what baby doesn’t know is that mom wants to make sure her baby gets everything he/she needs from their breastmilk. If you are concerned that your baby isn’t getting enough to eat and you want to increase your milk supply, try these tips.

Drink More Water

Although some experts say what you drink doesn’t impact your milk supply, I have to disagree. Drinking water helps replenish the liquid your body needs, which in return helps you build the supply you need. Whenever I’m concerned my supply has gone down, in the past, I’ve always increased my water intake.

Oatmeal is a Winner

According to, oatmeal is an excellent way to increase your milk supply as a breastfeeding mother. Keep in mind, again, there is no “evidence” that it works, but many moms claim this is the answer to increasing their milk supply. Whether it’s the natural makeup of oatmeal or the iron in it, it may help give your breastmilk the boost it needs.


This may not be a new one to you, but many moms claim that this is magic for increasing one’s breastmilk supply. This is a herb that helps mother increase their supply within 24-72 hours. It’s also said that fenugreek can be used for long periods of time. You can purchase Fenugreek in capsules and take with water or the beverage of your choice.

Mama’s Milk Cookies

You have probably seen these all over Facebook and Pinterest. Mama’s milk cookies have a mixture of ingredients that helps increase your milk supply. Oftentimes, items like fenugreek and oatmeal are in those cookies. Scour the Internet for a recipe you like and then enjoy the benefits of eating them and increasing your milk supply.

Extra Pumping

Remember that when you empty your breasts of breastmilk, your body makes more. Isn’t it amazing how our bodies work? When you put in a few extra pumping sessions, you’re signaling your body to make more milk. This may take a bit longer than some of the other “tips” but your body products breastmilk on a supply and demand basis.

What it comes down to is your body and the way it works. You may try oatmeal and it doesn’t do the trick. However, mama’s milk cookies may be the jackpot for you. Whatever helps you increase your supply is great and means that you’ll be able to give your baby even more nutritious breastmilk.