Rachel Zoe: Motherhood is Everything & More

Rachel Zoe: Motherhood is Everything & More

Rachel Zoe says her home life with husband Rodger Berman and their children, four-year-old Skyler and 21-month-old Kaius is not as glamorous as you may think. 

“I have a lot of men in my life. I am surrounded by testosterone,”  the fashion designer told People while laughing. “I’m a boys mom. I’ve been pooped on and puked on, you name it. It’s really glamorous. It’s even happened on Chanel. It was a sad moment. But it went to the dry cleaner and it lived.”

Despite the messiness of parenthood, Zoe says there is nothing better than being a mom. 

It’s everything and more,” she said. “I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. The things that used to eat at my insides and keep me awake at night just aren’t important. When you become a parent, your priorities shift in such a way that the right things matter.”

The celebrity stylist said she has become a master of multi-tasking.

 “Because I have two boys, I only know how to wrestle them to do anything,” joked Zoe. “I have to hold Skyler down while I put his pants on. It’s a tackle.”

Her favourite part of motherhood? Hugging and kissing her boys!

“I kiss my boys every second,” she shared. “I kiss them on the lips. At some point, I know that might not be okay, but for now, that’s what happens! They sleep with me, we snuggle. It’s the greatest thing ever. There is definitely a bond between moms and their sons. It’s like a love affair you can’t describe.”

Zoe can be seen on her new chat show, Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe airing, Thursdays on Lifetime.

Image Credit: Instagram/Rachel Zoe