My Conception Journey Has Come to an End – I’m Pregnant

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My conception journey has come to an end! I have entered the pregnancy stage!

For those of you that follow Celeb Baby Laundry, you will have already learned that I’m pregnant with my second child. I found out in August, but only announced the happy news two weeks ago. 

I started to suffer from terrible morning sickness at six weeks. I could barely do anything and I must say I have never slacked so much when it comes to cleaning my house! Luckily, in the last week it seems like my morning sickness has disappeared. Feeling nauseous every second of the day has been replaced with exhaustion and frequent pee-pee trips to the washroom. Being tired is not fun, but it’s better than vomiting every second meal! 

I turned 10 weeks  pregnant this last Saturday and saying, “I’m pregnant” has started to feel normal. My 4-year-old daughter, Ava, knows I’m pregnant, so I have started to include her in the pregnancy to get her used to to idea of being a big sister. I don’t think she will have an issue because she is already excited and asks me everyday if the baby is coming out. It’s hard to explain to her that it’s not happening for a long time!

My husband and I have also started to look to the future now that we’re going to have a second baby. We feel that we may need to up our plans of buying a house and do it before the baby comes. Our lower duplex is not big enough for two growing kids. Our daughter also starts kindergarten next September and we have to decide which school we want her to go to now. This means we might leave the city and move to the suburbs! My mom and dad live outside of the city, so it would be nice to be close and grandparents are always good for helping out! 

Are you trying to get pregnant? 

My Conception Journey Has Come to an End - I'm Pregnant

I’m grateful that I have no problem when it comes to getting pregnant. I truly believed it wouldn’t as easy to conceive as last time, but it turned out it was. Unfortunately, not all women are as lucky as me and it can take them and their partner months or even years to conceive.

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My Conception Journey Has Come to an End - I'm Pregnant

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