Great Ways To Reduce Your Kids Back To School Stress

As fall fast approaches, you’ll need these great ways to reduce your kids back to school stress. Kids of all ages will struggle with varying frustrations at the beginning of school. From lack of sleep to fear of meeting new kids to the problematic bullies your kids may be stressed.  These tips are to help you navigate this time with your kids to make things easy to manage. 

Make sure they are getting enough sleep.  Little things in life add up to create stress when you are extra tired.  Make sure your kids are getting enough sleep at night.  Waking up refreshed and well rested will help them to deal with everything from big school assignments to kids that aren’t very nice.  A refreshed mind and body will give them a better outlook and ability to deal with stress. 

Keep an open door policy.  Allow them to come to you with anything without fear of judgment or anger.  Keep the door open for communication at any time. Check in regularly to see if they need or want to talk.  While you need t make sure they understand you are the parent, you can also be a friend and listening ear. 

Talk to them about what differences they may encounter.  As kids get older, back to school stress can become more intense.  Make sure to talk openly and honestly about changes that will be occurring.  This can be about a different school, physical changes in themselves or more educational challenges.  Let them know about things they can expect to be different, and be there for them when other things crop up as they head back to school.  Being prepared and understanding challenges in advance will help them to navigate through them much better. 

Keep them in touch with friends outside of school.  Make sure that your kids can connect with their friends outside of school.  Especially those who are going to different schools this year.  Healthy friendships are very important for emotional health, and especially stress reduction in kids. 

Limit after school activities if they are causing stress.  Many kids want to participate in every team or group there is.  Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming and cause undue stress.  Instead of trying to do everything, limit them to one after school program or extra curricular activity. 

Take them to a counselor.  Sometimes your kids just don’t feel comfortable talking to you about what is going on with them emotionally.  If your kids seem to be holding back and still having a lot of struggles with stress in the back to school process, don’t hesitate to check out a therapist or counselor for them to go talk to. 

These are great ways to reduce your kids back to school stress this year.  Great communication between you and your child is key to success.  Make sure they understand that you are always there to support and help them.  Also make sure they are knowledgeable about what to expect as the new school year arrives and things begin to change.