How To Pack For A Tropical Vacation

How To Pack For A Tropical Vacation

Your vacation is almost here and these tips for how to pack for a tropical vacation will help you make the most of your island vacation. Whether you are headed toward Turks & Cacios, or you are taking a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, tropical vacations are tons of fun. Escaping the rat race of the city for a beautiful relaxing beach destination is just what we need to recharge. You’ve already booked your trip, now it is time to pack for the most enjoyment!

Pack lightweight clothing to layer. Linens, simple cotton and breathable fabrics are key for a tropical vacation. With temperatures 90 degrees or more on an average day, you’ll want to be able to stay comfortable. There may be cooler evenings where a lightweight sweater or jacket comes in handy, and often the breeze on the water is enough to give you a chill. By packing the lightest breathable clothing you have it will be easy to layer as needed without getting too hot.

Don’t forget the sunscreen. You’ll likely have access to stores for supplies, but costs can be outrageous. Make room in your luggage for a few bottles of sunscreen. With the sun out and beating down on you constantly, you’ll need to reapply your sunscreen regularly. You don’t want to run out in the middle of a busy day at the beach. 

Multiple bathing suits. Since time in the water and on the beach is a must, you’ll need bathing suits handy. Packing multiples gives you the ability to always have something clean and dry to throw on before heading out to swim or lounge.

Sturdy sandals. Flip flops are popular, but they typically don’t hold up to the amount of walking you’ll be doing. A sturdy sandal with an ankle strap that has some cushion support for walking is a much better choice. Teva’s are highly popular due to the durability and comfort they offer.

Floppy hat. While you’ll have sunscreen slathered on your body constantly, some areas are still more prone to burning. Your neck, face, ears and even the top of your head can burn quickly and easily leaving you with a painful sunburn for the duration of your trip. Pack a large brimmed floppy hat to wear on the beach, as well as while out and about.

Leave the jewelry at home. Tropical vacations mean tons of time in the water. Other than your wedding ring since it is one item you rarely take off, jewelry just isn’t needed Not only will it take up space in your luggage, it can get lost easily while on the beach and in the water. If you want to accessorize for evenings out, bring only a few simple statement pieces, or opt for a fun scarf instead.

Knowing how to pack for a tropical vacation is simply about using common sense. You’ll want to dress comfortably, and always be aware of protecting your skin. Other needs are determined by your individual location. Cruises often have a more specific list of items to pack. Hawaii has a multitude of stores to shop in if needed, and islands in the Caribbean may require a bit more flare for evenings out. Your destination will determine what else you need in your luggage for your upcoming tropical vacation.