10 Fun & Educational Games to Do in The Sand This Summer

10 Fun & Educational Games to Do in The Sand This Summer

Playing in the sand is fun for any age. The best part about playing in the sand is that you can make it fun and educational. Check out these ten fun and educational games you can play using sand.

#1. Sand Art

You can use real sand for your artwork or you can give your artwork the illusion that it’s made with sand. You can paint with sand by adding paint to your hand and then dipping it into sand.  You can also use a paint brush for the process.

#2. Dinosaur Dig

Kids love nothing more than digging through sand. Create a dinosaur dig for them by adding in little tiny dinosaurs.

#3. Sensory Box

Kids love anything you can do with sand, so create their very own box for them. You can make your own sand or bring some home from the beach with you if possible.

#4. Balloons

Take a couple of balloons and fill them with sand. You can take the sand balloons and play with them sort of like stress balls.

#5. Collecting Seashells

Collecting seashells is fun on its own, but counting and sorting seashells is a ton more fun. After you’ve collected all of your seashells, place them back in a bucket of sand. Pull one out at a time and separate them by color, texture, or design.

 #6. Moon Sand

If you can’t get to a beach to play with sand, then make some moon sand right in your own home. Take baby oil and flour together to your desired texture. You can play with the moon sand just like normal sand and have just as much fun 

#7. Sand Creation

Instead of building the traditional sand castle it’s fun to challenge yourself and do a sand creation of your own. Use items you have with you to build a unique sand creation. You can even have judges to determine who has the best creations. Kids love competition so this is incredibly fun.

#8. Obstacle Course

If you want to challenge your body with something fun, consider creating an obstacle course. Put hula hoops on the ground and jump through them. You can also place tires, ladders, bins, buckets or anything else you have lying around to create the optimal sand obstacle course. Just remember you will need to carry the items back and forth to the beach, so you may want to keep it light.

#9. Sand Pictionary

Have your kids draw words in the sand. This is a fun and educational activity using sand and kids of any age can participate. Either have your kids write letters of the alphabet or complete words. When someone gets at least ten letters or words right, then they will a prize.

#10. Sand Hopscotch

If you really want to get your heart racing, consider doing sand hopscotch. You can use glitter hairspray to draw the lines in the sand, or you can use rope or something to draw out the squares. To add even more fun to the game of hopscotch make it a little more challenging by adding extra squares.

Using a natural substance like sand is perfect for teaching, learning, and having fun. Especially if you live near the beach, but want to keep you