Keeping Children Under Two Occupied on the Road

Tips for Keeping Children Under Two Occupied on the Road

There are some children 2 and under who travel just fine. However, there are some toddlers and babies who need a little more distraction while riding in the backseat. Check out these 7 tips for keeping toddlers occupied while on the road

Food & Drink

Yes, when it comes down to traveling with a toddler, they will need lots of food and drink. Pack a cooler full of snacks for the toddler or baby in your car. Making little snack baggies and packing individual sizes drinks for them is a smart move.

Play Dough or Slime

Who wants play dough or slime in their car? Not very many people that’s for sure, but you need some things to keep little hands busy. This works best if you’re actually sitting beside them helping them squish the play dough or slime around.

Favorite Toys

When it comes to occupying kids that are 2 and under, you will need to bring their favorite toys with them. Try to bring smaller toys so they don’t take up a lot of room.

Songs and Videos

Occupying a toddler is all about being visual and loud. Bring along several CDs and videos if you can. You may get sick of hearing the same thing over and over, but at least your toddler will be happy!

Sit by Your Toddler or Baby

It will get incredibly hard to turn around to help your baby or toddler once you’re on the road traveling. It’s best to sit by the baby or toddler to help them with anything and everything they need. If you can’t sit by them, have an older sibling (who’s helpful) sit by your little one to help you both out.

Puzzles & Games

If your toddler loves games and puzzles, then this is a must-do while traveling. Your child may love the challenge of trying to put a puzzle together while on the road. You’ll want to bring a hard surface to put on their lap as they complete the puzzles or games you have provided.

Pillow & Blanket

You’re probably hoping your toddler or baby sleeps a little as you travel. Making sure they’re comfortable is one way to ensure they are occupied while on the road. You might consider bringing sunglasses or something to help keep the sun out of their eyes as they travel because this will also help them sleep well.