Celebrate and Explore Your Modern Family With Netflix’s Fresh and Funny Families

Celebrate and Explore Your Modern Family With Netflix's Fresh and Funny Families

Families are like snowflakes; no two are exactly the same. Thankfully, they change with the times and take on new adventures with each experience that shapes us throughout life. While The Cleavers had a good picture of family-life in the 1950s, the 21st century finds families are more unique than ever. The everyday household is still evolving and you can celebrate and explore your modern family with Netflix’s fresh and funny families.

It’s amazing how my view of family has changed under all the circumstances that make us who we are. As a child, I would always promise myself I’d let my kids stay up late, eat cake for dinner, and watch cartoons non-stop. Now, as a mother of three, I have the same battles my mother had with me in my youth. Perspectives change, and it can be hard to remember to look at things through your kids’ eyes and remember you were once the same unjaded dreamer.

For fun, I asked my “little minions” (we love ‘Despicable Me’), “What do you think being an adult is like?” I was surprised with some interesting responses…

Gabrial, Age 11 – “Adults get to be in charge and make the decisions. They have to have a good job, and pay bills, but they can buy as many video games as you want. And, adults like NPR on the radio, for some weird reason.

Grace, Age 7 – “I like being a kid. But, adults get to eat whatever they want, stay up late, and wear bikinis. But, they have to go grocery shopping and have babies. I am NOT having babies. I’m going to be a doctor and live in Cabana Bay Beach Resort…and have two ponies…and a bunny.

Charlotte, Age 3 – “It’s like being a squirrel. Is ‘Curious George’ on, yet?

Being an adult means different things to different people, just like what defines a family is different for everyone. Ask your kids what they think being an adult is like. You might be surprised at the answer.

To help your kids identify themselves, their role in your family, and what makes each family different, try some pop culture influence with Netflix. Grab the remote and try out a new show, or maybe watch an old favorite. Thanks to Netflix, you can share some of the shows you watched when you were a kid. It helps everyone to find a common ground and understand a little bit more about what they like and dislike.

netflix - little kids

For your little kids try:

1. Lily’s Driftwood Bay
2. The Tigger Movie
3. Guess How Much I Love You: S1E5 Big Like You
4. Angelina Ballerina: Superstar Sisters

netflix - bigger kids

For your bigger kids give these a whirl:

1. Crash & Bernstein
2. Life with Boys
3. Spy Kids
4. Russell Madness

netflix - teens and adults

And for teens and adults:

1. Raising Hope
2. The Fosters
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Life Unexpected

Let the shows star a dialogue. Try asking, “Who’s your favorite character? Why is that person your favorite character? How would you handle the situation we saw in the show?

Before long, you’ll be making a bond and celebrating your unique family.