Money Saving Tips: Make Visiting Disney a Possibility For Your Family

Make Visiting Disney a Possibility For Your Family - Tips For Saving Money

You have dreamed of taking your family to Disney World for years, have imagined seeing the joy in your little ones eyes as they see Mickey in person for the first time, but Disney is a big strain on your wallet! You can still make everyone’s magical dreams come true by cutting corners where you can to keep your vacation within a reasonable budget. Most of it starts before you even leave- in the planning stages

Start by traveling off season– If it is possible with you and your spouse’s vacation schedule plan to visit the parks in the off season. You will save on airline, car rental, and hotels right off the bat. (Not to mention the benefit of avoiding a great deal of the crowds). Before Christmas, January, and the Fall after school is back in session are your best bets.

Do the research yourself- Avoid paying either a travel agent or the park itself for putting your package together. Research hotels, and car rentals on sites like ,, and Only use reputable sites for purchasing discount tickets or you may find yourself purchasing tickets a second time.

Pay Cash– While using your credit cards may seem like the only way to make a big trip like this happen you will be paying on the interest for years, and your seemingly great value will no longer be a great value.  Make a plan- take a couple years to save up for your trip, use tax refunds, start a savings account where you deposit $20 each week from your paycheck, sell the kids old toys and earmark any money made for your Disney vacation.

Stay off site– If you have your heart set on a fancy Disney resort then by all means keep that into account as you build your savings or budget for your vacation. Otherwise, remember that much of your time will not be spent in the hotel but rather at the parks or other activities nearby so maybe all the bells and whistles wont be so important. This will save you a ton of money, 

Skip the Park Hopper- Each park takes more than an entire day to really explore all it has to offer so these are kind of a waste in my opinion. If you go from Disney to Epcot to Animal Kingdom you are going to waste a lot of time driving around and waiting in entrance lines- crucial park time that you could be enjoying.

Spent some time digging around online, ask advice from friends who have gone before, seek out the best deals and cut corners where you can to make sure your magical vacation is also affordable!