Bath Time Essentials & Tips With AVEENO® Baby


Like most new parents, I was worried about every little thing when my daughter was born. Newborns are so sensitive and when you have no parenting experience they seem even more so. One of my first concerns or challenges as a new mom was giving my daughter her first bath. Just the thought of putting my 5 pound, 13 ounce newborn in a baby tub stressed me out. Let’s just say I was more than happy to stick to washcloth cleaning for a while! 

First and foremost, you need a dedicated area to place your baby bath or basin. I placed my daughter’s baby tub on the floor because it didn’t fit comfortably in our tub. Beware of placing the tub on a counter because it can easily move and even fall while bathing your baby. Put cold water in the bath first, then hot. Make sure the water temperature is only warm. If in doubt, stores carry baby bath toys designed to test if the water is below 37 degrees C (98.6 degrees F).  Finally, make sure the room is warm to make sure your baby doesn’t lose too much heat when taking him/her out of the bath. 

No baby’s first bath is complete without a few essential skincare items! You need the perfect body care products that will keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth. A baby’s skin is very sensitive and easily irritated! Before my daughter was born I bought her a very popular organic shampoo + wash and it ended up making her skin dry and flakey by the second bath. I came to find out that my daughter had really sensitive skin and the ingredients in most skincare products for babies dried her skin. 



AVEENO® Baby products with ACTIVE NATURALS® turned out to be the only skincare products that didn’t irritate her skin. The difference between this line of baby products and others is that they’re formulated with moisturizing oat extract, which contains 5 vital nutrients. Anyone that has irritable skin knows oat is the perfect ingredient to fight dry skin. Not only does it help provide a soothing effect it also gently nourishes the skin.

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The #1 pediatrician recommended baby brand in Canada.

I recommend using AVEENO® Baby Wash & Shampoo  to give your baby a tear-free bath while gently cleansing your baby’s hair and skin. It’s also soap-free and hypoallergenic. Don’t forget to have a soft washcloth to clean your baby’s skin. After the bath, moisturize your baby’s skin with AVEENO® Baby Daily Lotion. Integrating these two products into your baby’s daily bath time routine will ensure you baby’s skin gets even more nutrients. AVEENO® Baby Daily Lotion is especially formulated with COLLOIDAL OATMEAL to help restore and maintain the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent and protect dry skin. This nourishing lotion is also hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free. 

AVEENO® Baby products with ACTIVE NATURALS® nourished my daughter’s skin every day, especially after bath time! Visit the AVEENO® website to find more information about the AVEENO® Baby Daily Care products, ratings and reviews by other moms. 

Now that you have the bath and the essential skincare items, all you need to do is give your little one their first bath! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and have a plush hooded baby towel to keep your baby warm when bath time is over.