7 Ways to Deal with Sleep Deprivation as a New Parent

Mother breast feeding her infant

Is there anything tougher than dealing with sleep deprivation as a new parent? It’s a tough adjustment, but it’s one that every new parent must make. Check out these seven tips to deal with sleep deprivation as a new parent.

1. Sleep When You Can

Keep in mind that what you used to consider “normal” sleep is no longer standard. At this point in life, you will have to be okay with sleeping when you can. Sleeping at random times might seem silly, but it will help you deal with sleep deprivation as a new parent.

2. Stay off Your Electronics

Did you know your electronics can keep your brain from falling asleep when you need to? Try to focus on your child and going back to sleep after you lay them back down. Bright lights from electronics only keep your brain awake longer.

3. Don’t Do it All

Your body is adjusting to a lot less sleep, which means you might be crankier and harder to deal with. Get it through your head that you won’t be able to do it all as you go through those first few months of parenting. Sleep deprivation does take a toll on your body and all you can do is extend yourself some grace.

4. Say No to Other Commitments

After just having a baby, it’s going to be hard to stick to all of the commitments you have lined up already. One way to deal with sleep deprivation is to say no to other commitments. This will help you rest when you need to, without draining yourself even more.

5. Find Other Ways to Rest

Okay, so you have come to the conclusion that sleep isn’t going to happen, but you can find other ways to relax and rest. This will help your body stay sane as you go through this new parent stage. Resting can be sitting down, listening to music, or even holding your baby.

6. Always Agree to Help

Even if you are only agreeing to allow your spouse to let you sleep for a few hours, say yes to help. Sometimes it’s hard to let others help you when you need it, but it’s so worth it. Letting your family and friends help is one way you can deal with sleep deprivation as a new parent.

7. Love Coffee Again

There are few caffeinated drinks that help new parents deal with the craziness of sleep deprivation. If you have tried everything else and cannot find anything to help with sleep deprivation, then consider loving coffee again.