Tackling Disney With Toddlers #Tips


Headed to Disney with a baby or toddler in tow? Here are some tips, tricks, and info about visiting the Magic Kingdom that might help your day(s) go smoothly. We will start before you even get there, setting you up for an enjoyable trip. This is a wonderful family vacation spot and even if you little one doesn’t remember it, you can show them pictures and tell stories about your trip and recreate the wonder.

Fly Friendly Skies– If you are flying be sure to pack all baby/toddler essentials in a carry on, just in case an unfortunate flight or even luggage  delay happens.  Pack ample diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, and formula if needed. These things can of course all be restocked later no problem but until you get to your destination give yourself a supply cushion.

Keep it Short and Sweet– I wouldn’t recommend going for more than 3 days with a toddler, anything above that is so much stimulation that the last part of the trip will simply be meltdown after meltdown.  3 days is a great length of time to enjoy multiple trips to one park or hop around.

Start Bright and Early–  Start early and have plenty of time to enjoy as much of the park as you feel like exploring.  This is also the cooler part of the day-Florida is known for it’s heat and humidity and arriving early gives you chance to visit your favorite attractions before the crowd sets in.

Pack Well– If you can bring your own I recommend your own stroller, if not the park does have them available for rental. You will also want 1-3 changes of clothes, sunscreen, a sun hat, and ample diapers/pullups, wipes, formula/food.  If you have to purchase any of these things in the park they are going to cost WELL above normal prices. You may also want to include a special lovey-blanket or stuffed animal as comfort for you little one.

Take Breaks– Even if they cannot nap in the excitement of the park find a quiet shady spot to rest several times throughout the day. Refuel them with healthy snacks and plenty of water. Also, there are Baby Care Centers located throughout all 4 parks where you can purchase baby items and they offer private nursing rooms with rocking chairs, high chairs, microwave, oven, sink, TV’s, and more.  Make a midday plan to stop by one of these for a good rest period.  If you are traveling with older children one parent can rest with the little one here for a bit while the other visits the rides that the toddler cannot go on in the immediate area with the others.

Eat Frequently– Snack on a combo of healthy and indulgent snacks throughout the day to keep everyone happy and banish the cranky hunger pains.  Sit down ( in air conditioning) for one good meal to give everyone a chance to decompress and re-energize.

Catch it on Camera–  The chins covered in Mickey Mouse ice cream, happy smiles waiting for their turn on the Dumbo ride, bashful faces ducking away from characters, or their giant hugs.  Don’t forget to pull out the camera often and make sure that YOU are included in at least some of the photos. Take advantage of the photographers in the park, they will give you a ticket to look at your pics before you leave- no obligation to buy unless you love them.