10 Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler

10 Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler

Is it time to start potty training your toddler, but aren’t sure where to start? Potty training your toddler is a whole new world, but getting started can be confusing. Check out these 10 tips for potty training your tot.

1. Your toddler needs to be ready- As a parent, you can try and potty train your toddler whenever you’re ready, but it’s more important to start when your toddler is ready. 

2. Let them pick out their underwear- Nothing gets a toddler more excited about potty training than being able to pick out their new underwear in their favorite character. Try and make this an exciting part of potty training. 

3. Watch potty training videos– Introduce your child to potty training videos, so they get a better understanding of what potty training is and how it works. Potty training videos can be found on YouTube or by doing a quick search in Google. 

4. Be patient- Most kids nail peeing in the potty quickly, but mastering #2 takes a while. Be patient in this area as your child learns. Patience during potty training is a must, without patience it will be nearly impossible to potty train your toddler. 

5. Teach basic hygiene- As you teach your toddler about potty training, don’t be afraid to teach them about washing hands too. It’s never too early to teach about hygiene. 

6. Make sure your child is independent- You can’t teach your child about potty training if they cannot remove clothing by themselves. Work with your child on getting dressed and undressed to help them master this newfound independence.

7. Toddlers should be able to follow directions- If your toddler struggles to follow basic instructions, potty training might be a little difficult. Work on following basic directions before moving into the world of potty training. 

8. Get proper potty training equipment- To learn how to potty train, your child will need to know how to use a potty chair. You will want to ensure your child can get on and off the potty chair without any problems. Some toddlers’ potty train okay on the big potty and others need a specific potty chair. 

9. Make sure you’re fast- When it comes to your child needing to go potty, they will need to do it fast. That’s when you ensure their clothing is easy to remove. When they have to go, they have to go! Keep in mind that no matter how fast you are, there will be accidents. All you can do is move on and keep trying. 

10. Know when enough is enough- Some toddlers get potty training quite easily and others do not. When your child seems frustrated and isn’t quite getting it, then it’s time to move on for a little bit and come back to potty training. 

As a toddler, learning to use the potty is hard work. There are going to be frustrations and setbacks, but with the right tools and tips, you can make this work. 

What are your best tips for potty training a toddler?

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