10 Rules for Moms of Boys

10 Rules for Moms of Boys

Are you a mom of boys? It can be hard to understand boys all of the time but since you’re their mom, you have to try. When you are having trouble relating to your boys or understanding, check out these rules for moms of boys.

1. He has feelings too- Although it may seem that boys love to play and rough house, they have feelings too. Don’t forget to ask your son how he is feeling on a daily basis. Helping him know how to manage his emotions is an important part of being a mom to boys.

2. Never stop reading with your son- It may be hard to get your son to sit still for reading, but never stop reading to him and with him. Reading can help build a bond that’s unstoppable as he grows older.

3. Always be an encourager- The world has a way of tearing boys down, but you can build your boy up. Spend time encouraging your son each and every day!

4. Life lessons are extremely important- Boys will learn a lot by seeing and doing, but every boy needs those life lessons from their moms. Teach them when they should be rough, when they should be gentle, when they should stick up for themselves, and when they should ask for help.

5. Let him burn off his energy- Boys have lots and lots of energy. As a mom, it’s important to find ways for your boy to burn off that energy. You may be surprised at how much it takes to help them get rid of all that bottled up liveliness!

6. Let him explore- It’s hard to let our “boys” be boys sometimes, but letting your boy explore is an important part of his childhood. You can keep an eye on him while letting him explore the backyard, park, or dirt pile. 

7. Always offer him love- Boys need to feel that safe place with their moms. Let your boy be a boy, but when they’re ready to come back into your arms for hugs and cuddles, allow that too.

8. Teach him the basics- When it comes to learning the basics around the house, teach your son those basics. Learning how to organize, do laundry, and help around the house is an important part of being a mom to your boys.

9. Cheer your son on- There will be a lot of people who want to bring your boys down, but it’s your job to build him up. No matter what path he chooses in life, cheer him on as much as possible.

10. Place positive role models in his life- Your boys will look to you to help place positive role models in their life. Not to mention, you should try your hardest to be your boys’ most positive role model as well. Sure you will make mistakes, but being a positive role model will help ensure your son grows into a well rounded man. 

What is one “rule” you’d add to this list?