Reese Witherspoon & Ava Enjoy Healthy Shakes

Reese Witherspoon Stops For Drinks With Her Pink-Haired Daughter

Reese Witherspoon vand her daughter Ava were photographed picking up healthy drinks in Brentwood, CA on Wednesday (Feb. 4). 

 The Wild actress was dressed in a white blouse and navy skirt with matching flats. She carried a green smoothie while the pink-haired teenager followed behind. 

Witherspoon recently opened up about raising a teenager, pre-teen, and a baby at the same time.

“It’s interesting,” the mom-of-three told Today. “Two different things are happening all the time.”

“It’s kind of great because my older kids are just so in love with their baby brother and help out so much. It’s kind of like having this big extended family. We always talk about in our house, the more people that love you, the better your life is. So, I love it.”

Meanwhile, will appear on the cover of the 21st annual Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, with fellow stars Amy Adams and Channing Tatum.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet

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