Dr. Seuss The Lorax Craft


Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2, but you can start celebrating now! While there are many Dr. Seuss crafts out there, you have never seen one like this before. Take a peek below at how to craft your own Lorax flower pot craft, complete with Truffula tree accents. This Lorax craft is so easy and inexpensive, and everything you need can be found at your local dollar store. Take a look at how you can craft your own.

Supplies needed

Small clay flower pot
Yellow construction paper
Pair of googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Assorted pom poms
Craft glue

We found all of these items at our local Dollar Tree store, making this a frugal craft we couldn’t wait to get started on.


1.Begin by cutting out the mustache for your Lorax. Cut out the shape of a jelly bean. Then, fringe the ends so they look like hair.
2. Glue the mustache to the center of the flower pot.
3. Next, glue on the eyes. You can place them just above the mustache on the rim of the flower pot.
4. Cut some small squiggles out of the yellow paper. This will be your eyebrows. Glue them directly over the googly eyes.
5. Now, create your Truffula trees by gluing pom poms to the ends of green pipe cleaners. Cut the pipe cleaners various lengths so they look more varied and interesting.
6. Once the pom poms are dry, you can place them inside of the flowerpot. If you want, you can put a dirt, sand, or dried rice filler in to keep the trees in place. Place a piece of paper down first though so the filler doesn’t run out of the drainage hole.

Your Lorax craft is now complete! These would make a fun pencil holder for teachers or just a fun Dr. Seuss themed décor piece for your home. Either way, it is a unique and fun Dr. Seuss craft that is sure to get you in the Seuss spirit!