Teaching Kids to Give During the Holidays and Every Day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Community Christmas

It’s the season of good will, generosity, and appreciation for friends, family, and loved ones. Sometimes that can get lost in the hub-bub of glitz and shopping.  The holiday wish list of a child can go on for miles. New toys, the latest video games, and the hottest trends fill their dreams. But, for parents, the gift is seeing the happy looks on their faces when they open their presents. It’s the reciprocal of gratitude that we all wish for.

Teaching kids to give during the holiday and every day, is a gift that will last a lifetime. Learning to give to others will enforce an appreciation of what they have, too! Sharing and teaching is easier than you think. There are many opportunities to teach children to give, especially during the holiday…

Donation box with children toys on red background close-up

  • Have children buy a special toy to give to another child in need. Visit local foster-care facilities or do a simple search for a local children’s shelter, so they can witness the child they are giving to open it.
  • Arrange for you and your child to volunteer at a homeless shelter or food bank.
  • Organize a coat drive with your local school or community center. Have your child be a part of delivering the coats to the organization.
  • Write letters to the troops stationed overseas. It’s amazing how a hand-written letter will make such a difference.
  • Create homemade gifts and hand them out at you local retirement home or hospital. It will brighten everyone’s spirits.
  • Most importantly, lead by example. Kids are like little sponges and absorb the attitude those around them.
  • Go the extra mile and use a birthday to teach a huge lesson in the gift of giving. Instead of bringing presents for the birthday boy or girl, have guests bring presents to donate to a local charity.
  • Make a charity jar the entire family can donate to. Fill it with spare change or encourage your child to give a portion of their allowance or earned money to the jar. Once you have filled it, select a cause or charity to donate the funds to. Set a goal of increasing the donation amount for the next act of generosity.

It’s easy to integrate giving and the choice of generosity on a daily basis. Get the entire family or your community involved and create a positive way of teaching that works best for you. Sometimes, the act of making someone’s wish come true can be even more rewarding than any electronic gadget or new toy could be.  

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