Watch: Ways In Which My 4-Year-Old Has Insulted Me (true story).

Mother, author and comedian – Johanna Stein has seen her most recent, quirky clip, Ways In Which My 4-Year-Old Has Insulted Me (true story) go ultra-viral.

Exhausted and ambivalent, the Winnipeg native, aka Momhead, is seen waking up and getting ready for the day with a GoPro camera strapped to her head. All the while, dealing with her daughter’s harsh and unflattering questions like: “Are you gonna make yourself pretty today or are you gonna look like you always do?” and “Can I have your iPad when you die?” 

Stein explains:

She was just being brutally honest the way that little children are. They don’t know what tact means. They don’t know diplomacy. They just — they’re so observant and they want to talk about the world around them … It’s actually a chapter from [my] book. What’s in the video is maybe 50 per cent of what’s in the book as far as the insults go.
Stein published How Not to Calm a Child On a Plane in May, but the insults predate that by a few years. (Her child is now 7). She explains:

That was all when she was like three four years old before she understood what it meant to insult a person. I just thought it was really funny.

Of the viral explosion, she said:

It’s weird. I did not expect that to be honest. I mean, it really was making us laugh and I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll sell a couple of books.’ I was gobsmacked by it. You know, it’s super cool.

She added:

My mailbox keeps filling up — people want to know about all these terrible things my daughter said to me. It’s wonderful. 

Stein’s book How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane and Other Lessons in Parenting from a Highly Questionable Source can be found here.