Foods That Increase Breast Milk Supply

Foods That Increase Breast Milk Supply

If you have chosen to breastfeed your child, you are facing occasional struggles. One struggle that can often get in the way of continued breastfeeding is supply issues. We have pulled together some of the best Foods That Increase Breast milk Supply to help you navigate the tough days. Breastfeeding can be a wonderful and healthy choice for both mother and child. If you are able to do so, continue breastfeeding with help from of these great foods.

Stay Hydrated: Nothing will help keep your breastmilk supply up like staying hydrated. Lots of water throughout the day is needed to replenish what your body is using. Not only is your body using more fluids to produce milk, you are working hard and using more energy and fluid to keep your energy levels up for your baby.

Eat Oatmeal: This commonly mentioned food is great overall for your health. While there is no specific hormone in this food that increases lactation, it has been known to help your overall health. Mostly people feel it helps a mother relax and release oxytocin that would increase breastmilk supply. Oatmeal is of course a popular breakfast item, but is also the key ingredient in granola and granola bars. It can be used in smoothies as well for extra easy ways to get the benefits of this popular food used to help increase breastmilk supply.

Spinach: Your milk will be full of all the vitamins and nutrients your child needs. Since you are feeding them, and want to feed them well it is important to get all the nutrients you need to replenish what you have given them. Spinach is a super food that is full of vitamins great for overall health. Use in smoothies, salads, pasta and more to boost your daily vitamin intake.

Apricots: This wonderful fruit most popular dried or in jams, is a great snack to help increase lactation. Containing high levels of hormones involved in lactation, it has become a commonly recommended snack item. This is a great on the go snack, added into salads or as a chutney or relish with your meal.

Not only are these foods ones that increase breastmilk supply, you can look to herbs to help assist in your supply issues. Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle and Red Raspberry Leaf are all highly recommended and great supplements to help boost your supply. As with any vitamin or medication, there are potential for side effects. Always make sure to talk to your physician and your lactation consultant before introducing anything new into your supplement regimen.