Natural Ways To Ease Morning Sickness

Natural Ways To Ease Morning Sickness

When you see the lines on the pregnancy test you are overcome with joy and excitement. Finding out you are finally expecting that precious child you have been waiting for is a great feeling. Unfortunately, for many women very shortly after the discovery of pregnancy, another issue arises. Morning sickness happens to nearly every woman at some point during her pregnancy, and since it doesn’t stick just to mornings it can easily effect their daily life. Here are some of the top Natural Ways To Ease Morning Sickness that are common today. While these won’t always work for every person, they are a great place to begin if you are struggling with nausea due to pregnancy hormones.

Ginger: Whether you sip on ginger ale, suck on ginger mints or simply add fresh grated ginger to your cup of tea or water, it is a long standing cure for morning sickness. Ginger can be rather potent by itself, so most people prefer to use it in something or as a drink with sugar to help even out the flavor. Whichever method you choose, ginger is a great natural alternative to medications for nausea during pregnancy.

Sour Citrus: Lemon and lime are great to suck on by themselves to help with nausea. Alternately things like lemonade, limeade or even natural organic lemon candies are a great help for nausea and morning sickness. 

Essential Oils: Not only are there many essential oils that can be inhaled, there are some that can be ingested as well to help with nausea. Whether you are applying to skin, orally or simply as an inhalation through a diffuser the following are great choices: Lemon, Ginger, Wintergreen and Peppermint. 

Bland Foods: Things like saltine crackers, toast, rice and bananas are all great for settling your stomach. If you find that you are nauseated more in the early mornings when you first get up, make sure you have something on hand to eat early in the morning.

Cool Showers or Washcloths: A cold water or cool shower or washcloth on the face, forehead or throat are often very soothing to nausea. The cool temperatures are easy on your body and often help you relax until the nausea wanes some.

Don’t let the upcoming birth of your child be overshadowed by morning sickness during pregnancy. Have these natural ways to ease morning sickness on hand to keep the bad days at bay. Remember that every body is different and there are some women who cannot go without medications for their nausea. Stay hydrated and when you feel you simply cannot go without help, seek help as soon as possible.