Items To Make Your Family Vacation Perfect This Summer


Fresh off a two week road-trip vacation to Lake George in New York state, I have created a top list of items that made our family vacation perfect. My list includes fun accessories for mom, clothing for kids, toys and other items that will sure to make a family vacation perfect this summer.  

All of the items on my list accompanied us on our vacation, so they have been tried and tested! 

1.  Paige Lauren Baby 


Taking a road has never been more comfortable for young children. My daughter, Ava was super comfy heading to our cottage in the cuffed tee and classic leggings outfit. She also loved the classic tank dress as a cover up on the beach. 

2.  Prince Lionheart’s backseat organizer 


Make traveling with a young child easier with this backseat organizer. We put snacks, juice packs and my daughter’s iPad all in this organizer. It was easy for Ava to reach all the items without mommy having to turn around in the car to give them to her which can be extremely dangerous while on the highway. 

3. Isabelle Grace Jewellery


Mom needs to have fun on vacation too! Spruce up your vacation wardrobe with these Cabo Beach Hammered Earrings. I loved that the earrings really complemented my swimwear. 

 4.  WowWee ElrctroKidz Toy (Gold Gloss) 


Looking for a fun car toy? Try this cute ElrctroKidz Toy that I fell in love with while attending Sweet Suite during Blogger Bash in July. This first ever music-inspired figurine that dances to the beat of the music did a great job of entertaining Ava.

5. Babiators 


Children need to protect their eyes and finding the right sunglasses can be hard! I love that Babiators make sunglasses crafted for children of all ages. My daughter hates when the sun hits her face in the car, so she absolutely loves her original Wicked White Babiators. 

6. Wunway 


Little girls need to stay stylish on vacation! Ava stayed cool in this super cute Sheyna floral Romper pants. 

7. Zoli


What’s a vacation without Zoli’s innovate, safe and modern baby products? The company makes the best sippy cup on the market, the BOT. You will never have to worry about a sippy cup leaking in your purse or spilling on your child again. Plus the BOT’s soft straw is easy to drink from, unlike many hard spouted sippy cups. The design of the bot is also unique and super cute! 

Other Zoli items great for vacation are – the fork & spoon seton-the-go food and formula dispenserD.LITE insulted 10oz straw bottle.

8. Havaianas Sandals for Kids 


I love Havaianas and probably have about 10 pairs! Yes, I’m a little obsessed with flip-flops 😉 The quality you expect from Havaianas flip-flops is just as good in their collection for kids. I really hate when flip-flops are stiff which is a complete no-no for small kids. Havaianas sandals for kids are easy to wear, cute and durable. Ava’s favourite are the Tinkerbell and Little Mermaid flip-flops from the Disney collection. 

9. Heys Minnie Mouse Luggage 


I have always packed Ava’s clothing in our suitcase for vacation, but this year I thought she needed her own suitcase since she is older. She loves Minnie, so I fell in love with this Minnie suitcase from Heys. It’s super durable and fit all her clothes and some toys. She also loved pulling around the suitcase in our house before we left! 

What items do you like to take on vacation? Do you have any fun suggestions? 

Disclaimer: Celeb Baby Laundry has not received any payment as a result of this list In some cases, I received the product for free in order to facilitate the review. All opinions are our own.