Cucumber Ginger Infused Water

Cucumber Ginger Infused Water

Stay hydrated this summer with healthy Cucumber Ginger Infused Water.

The infusion is perfect for those summer days you’re craving one of those fun cute drinks that are full of sugar. With this cucumber and ginger infusion you will have just as much fun relaxing outside on a hot summer day.


1 16 oz. canning jar
½ of a medium size cucumber cut into slices
6-7 small slices of fresh ginger, more if you prefer


Add the sliced cucumbers and ginger slices to your jar and use a fork to poke holes in the ginger and cucumber slices – this will let the juice out to infuse your water.  

Next, fill the jar with water, place the cover on and refrigerate overnight for the best flavor.  



*Makes 1 serving. 1 16 oz. jar = 2 servings

**If you’d prefer to use a larger or smaller canning jar, simply double or cut the recipe ingredients in half and refrigerate overnight. 

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