Books to Teach the Alphabet to Your Young Child


All children need to learn the alphabet at some point in their life, and the sooner, the better! A great way to introduce the alphabet to your child at a young age is to read alphabet books. Not sure where to start? Here are four book titles approved by my three that are perfect for teaching the alphabet to your own child. 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ~Bill Martin Jr & John Archambault

 Want to teach your children the alphabet in a fun way? Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is the perfect way to do that. Your child will love listening to the story as the lowercase alphabet letters make their way to the coconut tree and eventually fall out. The fun phrases, colorful illustrations and a chanting rhythm all work together to make this book perfect to get your child excited about the ABCs.

Miss Spider’s ABC ~David Kirk

Do you have a child that loves creepy crawly bugs? If so, you’ll need to use Miss Spider’s ABC to teach about the alphabet. Not only does this book use bugs to help teach the letters of the alphabet, each page contains words that start with the sound. This is great for exposing your child to both the shape and sound of the letters.

Alphabet Soup ~Scott Gustafson

A great way to teach your young child about the alphabet is to use a hands-on approach. This alphabet book by Scott Gustafson makes it easy to do this in your own kitchen. Read about how these neighbors all pitch in to create an alphabet soup that contains ingredients from A to Z. After reading the book, try making your own alphabet soup. Let your child pick the ingredients that will go into the pot and see how close you can get to all 26 letters.

The Z Was Zapped ~Chris Van Allsburg

Your child’s imagination is a wonderful thing and Chris Van Allsburg allows your child’s imagination to run wild with this beautifully illustrated alphabet book. Each letter is introduced with an illustration and is followed by a description. Allow your child to guess what is happening in each illustration and then turn the page to find out who was right. You won’t believe how fun it is to guess that “the C was cut to ribbons” or that “the Z was zapped.”

Do you have any other great book suggestions?