A Daddy-Daughter Dance To Get You Moving

This father-daughter dancing duo will get you pumped for the weekend ahead.  Dad London Johnson showcases an awesome daddy-ing moment as he breaks it down with his talented 7-year old, dubbed Lil’ London. The two break it down to Ariana Grande’s hit “Problem.”

Johnson writes in the description:

My Daughter Made Up a Routine and Made Me Do It lmao

And the internet is lapping it up, with the feel-good vid going viral. One Youtuber writes:

I can’t stop watching this!!!  She will ALWAYS remember this time with her dad!!! #DOPE

Another happy viewer had this to say:

If videos of dads dancing with their daughters becomes a thing I’m totally fine with that.

And finally, to state the obvious, another user said:

This is some serious Daddy time #daddyoftheyear