Dog Teaches Baby to Crawl in Adorable Home Video

Baby Bear, as she is referred to on the YouTube page, hasn’t quite figured out the mechanics of crawling. And Buddy the dog is quick to offer a few tips at her side in this heartwarming video. 

Valerie Stevens-Scott from Atlanta, Georgia captured the impromptu lesson on film, in a clip that has since gone viral. The adorable footage, entitled Buddy’s Baby Crawling School, captures the terrier giving 7 month-old Allie a helpful demo when he spots her waving her arms and legs around on the floor.

The former rescue dog proves to be a natural instructor and keen to get his little human friend crawling. The best part is when baby Allie stops what she is doing and takes note of Buddy’s method – making this the cutest video of 2014. 

Buddy’s Baby Crawling School has since been viewed over 1.6 million times.