4 Easy to Make Crafts That Keep Toddlers Occupied

4 Easy to Make Crafts That Keep Toddlers Occupied

Toddlers are very inquisitive. In fact, more of the waking hours are spent exploring everything around them. They are so full of energy that moms and caregivers seem not to get a moment to breathe. Getting them focused on doing a craft might seem impossible, but once they learn how to sit still long enough to get those creative juices flowing, they will be proud of their piece of artwork.

In fact, doing crafts with your toddler is entertaining as well as educational. Crafting also help them to develop their hand-eye coordination. Here are some simple craft ideas that will keep toddlers occupied and learning. Of course, you will have to provide parental supervision.

Craft Stick Puppets

Creating craft stick puppets are a great craft for toddlers to make. They are quite simple to make and are beneficial for toddlers to get their imagination working. Craft or Popsicle sticks provide the stick body, all you need is some construction paper, children’s glue, markers, wool snipping’s, glue and safety scissors.

You can help you toddler count out some animal shapes out of construction paper. Have them use the markers for drawing in the features. If animal shapes seem to be too elaborate, make some stick people, princesses and princes, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf are just a few ideas for characters.

Pudding Painting

Finger painting is a favorite pastime of small children. They seem to like the feeling of swirling the paint around on a plain piece of paper. You can let them get more creative and also eat his masterpiece afterwards. Instead of using paint, purchase some vanilla pudding that is sold in cups. Divide it into small portions and use food coloring to add change up the color. Let them paint on paper plates and when they have finished being creative, they can grab a spoon and eat their pudding painting. When you use pudding as your basis for paint, you will be left with less of a mess and your toddler will be asking to do this craft again and again.

Paper Baskets

Construction paper is a great source for crafts. It comes in a wide range of colors and is very versatile. You could have your toddler make a paper basket. All you need to do is have them choose two colors for the basket. You will have to supervise them on how to cut the construction paper into strips. Cut slits in the other piece of construction paper and staple or glue the sides together. Remember to leave an opening at the top. Take the construction paper that is a different color and have your toddler weave the construction paper strip in and out through the slits on the piece that is glued together. Fold in the ends and glue to the other piece of construction paper. Make sure to hide the end pieces.

Make Placemats

You can have your child choose a color of construction paper and have them cut out shapes from contact paper. They can them peel and stick the shapes that they have created onto the construction paper. You can make these placemats last longer by having them laminated. Even if you do not laminate it, your child will have great fun making the placemats just the same! They will also feel proud of themselves when they use their placemat at meal times.

These easy to make crafts will keep your toddler occupied and also help them to learn important skills. Remember to seize the opportunity when they are in the mood to be creative. By doing so, you will both have something that you can treasure for many years.