Water Safety Tips for Toddlers

Water Safety Tips for Toddlers
Summer is here and that means lots of water fun for young children!
As the parent of young children, you will want to make sure you are ready to keep your little ones safe when heading out to the local swimming pool. Knowing the basic water safety tips for toddlers will help you keep everyone safe while still having a great time in the pool. Here are a few things to remember when it comes to toddlers and water safety.
Never Let Children Swim Unattended
There should always be an adult present whenever your children are in or near a swimming pool. If you are at a public pool, be sure that the lifeguard on duty knows CPR. You may also want to take a CPR refresher course so that you can help if there is an emergency at the pool.
Enroll Your Children in Swimming LessonsIt’s never too early to teach your children to swim. While they won’t be swimming laps for a few years, understanding the basics of floating and a few other key water survival skills will help your kids stay safe in the pool.Don’t Put Your Trust In Flotation Devices

Many parents put their toddlers in flotation devices thinking that their children will be fully protected from drowning. While floats can help keep your children above the water, they aren’t infallible, so you should still be close by to help them if they struggle in the water.

Protect Your Residential Pool

You may have a swimming pool in your back yard, which makes it easy for you and the kids to cool off on a hot day. There are some specific safety issues you need to address to keep your toddlers safe if you have a pool in your back yard. Pool and gate alarms can alert you if someone has attempted to get in the water, so you can react quickly. Installing a fence can help to keep the little ones out of the pool when you aren’t around.

Talk About Water Safety

It might seem like your child is too young to understand basic safety concepts, but your toddler hears and understands much more than you realize. Talk to your little ones about how to stay safe, such as not running by the pool, always having an adult with them, and staying away from drains and filters. While you might have to remind them from time to time, they will likely remember much of what you say.

Keeping your little ones safe is easier than you might think. Keeping a watchful eye on the kids and teaching them about basic water safety tips for toddlers can help prepare them for a lifetime of fun in the pool.