Drew Barrymore: I’m Really Happy Being a Mom

Pregnant Drew Barrymore Glows at the Golden Globes

Drew Barrymore is loving being a mom to her new baby girl Frankie

“It’s great, couldn’t be better,” she told Us Weekly of welcoming the newborn in April at a press conference for her new movie Blended. “I couldn’t fake it, I’m really happy, and everything is just as good as it could possibly be.”

Speaking of Bella Thorne‘s character Hilary in the film, Barrymore admitted she can definitely relate to her.

“There is a girl in this movie that needs a mom,” she said of Bella Thorne‘s character Hilary. “I can relate to that. I had times in my life when I really needed a mom. I am now a mom. I am going to be there for my kids. Moms are my Achilles’ Heel, emotionally speaking. The mother is that emotional figure for all of us.”

Barrymore also revealed while pregnant with both her daughter – Olive & Frankie she had a “love affair with food” and enjoyed “eating takeout and watching a lot of TV” in her sweatpants.