Scientists Invent Portable Fertility Test For Men


Researchers in the US have come up with an easy-to-use kit for men to test the quality of their sperm from the privacy of their own homes. 

According to inventors, the new device called TrakFertility promises to provide the accuracy of laboratory tests – within minutes.  

Greg Sommers and his partner Ulrich Schaff are also working on a mobile app to allow men to study the results and track fertility via their phones. 

Mr Sommer explains the significance of the fertility test kit against the backdrop of a market where solutions have traditionally focused on women:

We want to help people conceive in a way never done before. The market today is completely focused on females to monitor hormones, temperatures and so forth for peak fertility windows each month. But one of every five men has low-sperm counts that can impair conception.’ 

The duo are looking to market the device through an establish medical company and say the kit could be available as early as next year.