Maternity Gift Trend: Mexican Bola Necklaces


265156_241371835890097_4576438_nChristmas may be over, but it’s always a good time to treat an expecting mother to a fun gift. The Mexican Bola is a charming chiming pendant of many talents.

Traditionally worn by pregnant women, the pendant was worn low over the belly. The soft chiming of the bola is said to soothe the unborn baby from about week 16-20 and on. The tingling is believed to have a calming effect and to bond with the baby from beyond the womb.

The Mexican Bola has a rich history in Mayan culture. Similar pendants worn as necklaces have been used in various cultures for centuries. After birth, they are worn shorter in reach of the baby to play with, while the familiar sounds gently serenade and comfort.

This lovely baby bonding Bola necklace is the perfect gift for a mom-to-be, as well as a lovely treat for yourself and your growing baby bump.

Blooming Lovely Jewellery has a beautiful collection of bola pendants and creative pieces in their Mama-to-be Collection (including their Liberty London range). After choosing your perfect maternity gift, each piece is individually giftwrapped and presented with a special information card all about the traditions of the jewellery.