Utah Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral

Pregnancy Announcements are getting creative, quirky and more public. The latest viral announcement to make the rounds online is a cheesy and fun rap video from Utah.

The black and white video is inspired by Toyota’s Swagger Wagon Ad. The duo from Salt Lake City reportedly put the video together with the help of videographer friend Nathan Pickett and wrote the lyrics themselves.


Jalene and Lincoln Taylor, otherwise known by their rap ego Jalincoln struggled to conceive for 16 months. They thought up the idea of the video as a way to keep morale up after months of infertility and a miscarriage while trying for a baby.

Jalene explained:

We didn’t want to announce our pregnancy like everyone else. We waited a long time for this baby, so we wanted the announcement to be awesome.

The video that was initially intended for family and friends has been viewed almost 300,000 so far.

The Taylor Baby is expected in May.