Seagate Slim 500GB: Digital Storage Space On A Diet #HolidayGiftGuide

Seagate Slim

Ever since my daughter, Ava, was born I’ve become more of a photographer than in all of the previous years combined. We know that who says photography also says storage space. No, I’m not talking about the darkroom or a bathroom plastered with hanging pictures. I’m talking about the digital storage room which never seems to be big enough these days but that is something we can choose to enlarge by the simple addition of an external portable hard drive.

The Seagate Slim 500GB is a USB 3.0 compatible portable hard drive. The Slim comes from the drive’s extremely portable design which brings its total weight up to around only 0.33 lb. When you combine that with a width of 7.6 cm, a height of 1 cm, and depth of 11.4 cm we realize that the Slim is barely bigger than your average phone these days – portable indeed! Check out the Seagate Slim going toe-to-toe with the iPhone below. You’ll see that it’s slightly wider but also shorter than the iPhone and definitely weighs less.

Seagate Slim

I have been a fan of external hard drives ever since the concept was in its infancy, below you can see my OLD external hdd. Its so old, it dates back from the Jurassic year of 2006. Just look at the size of that dinosaur! And believe it or not I still use that ugly thing. By the way, that’s not called a portable hdd, just an external hdd – you have to to plug that thing in as it needs an external power source. Basically, it’s a real nip in the neck as I can only do my transfers at my work desk which, being a blogger, is slightly more than inconvenient. With the Slim I can transfer my files anytime I want, and it’s super easy to do. It’s as easy as getting a book from the book shelf, and with its blazing fast USB 3.0 capability I can be backing up my stuff before I can get to the first page of a new book. I know it sounds cliche but it is indeed very fast, and that kind of speed and convenience is something the cloud will never quite be able to emulate. See below the physical differences between an old school external hdd and the Seagate Slim.

Seagate Slim

I use external hard drives primarily for photo backups which means that with a 500GB capacity I should be good for at least a few dozen thousand pictures on there. Essentially, another 6 or 7 years of stuff unless pictures will start using 20mb or something crazy like that. Since we are bloggers, we often find ourselves working with the same pictures so the Slim is not only a great backup tool but also a multi-tasking enabler as one of us can use the camera’s SD card while the other can use the pictures stored on the Slim. If you work with pictures, or simply take large amounts of pictures, you absolutely need a portable drive. I also use it to backup my videos, my pretty large music collection as well as my Calibre ebook collection. I still prefer having things stored locally, I find it really speeds things up.

Seagate Slim

The Seagate Slim 500GB comes with backup software for Windows, Facebook, as well as Flickr. It’s plug-and-play, and you can use it interchangeably between your Windows and Mac computers as long as you install the NTFS utility on your Mac computer. The videos as well as Slim software will be found directly on your Slim once you plug it in to your USB slot – no CD’s needed. It is of course compatible with USB 2.0 as well. In terms of operating system requirements, it s compatible with any Windows above XP SP3 and Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

The Slim‘s Protect function makes backing up easy by setting up a one-click plan or customizing a backup schedule so that what’s important is safe stored on the drive and you never have to worry about disaster striking. The Slim is also perfectly designed for you heavy social media abusers out there with the Save feature allowing you to backup any user-generated content you share on your social media accounts through the Seagate dashboard. The Share feature allows you to upload multiple files to different social media accounts at the same time. All you have to do is select the files, the social media accounts, add the captions you want and voila!

With the growing need for storage space, we can never have enough gigabytes. Enter the Seagate Slim 500GB portable drive, a stylish, affordable, and blazing fast portable solution to all of your data problems this Holiday Season. Retailing at 69.99$ on the Seagate website, you won’t have to break the bank to make someone a very happy person this Christmas.

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