Kristin Cavallari: Baby’s Sex Will Remain A Secret!

Kristin Cavallari Takes Her Son To Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari has yet to find out if her recently announced pregnancy will blossom into a beautiful girl, like herself, or a big men’s man like his baby daddy, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The 26 year old is, however, certain of one thing: The sex of the baby will remain a secret!

“I’ve been really tired, but I’m very lucky because I haven’t had any morning sickness,” said the lucky Cavallari. She was attending the Just Dance event by Ubisoft in Hollywood when she also added: “It’s harder because I’m tired, and then I still have to be a mom to Camden and chase him around — he keeps me on my toes a little bit,” to keep things in perspective. Maybe her second little one knows that Mom has to deal with 15 month old Camden Jack and decided to have mercy on its mother. Or maybe it’s just a good baby and Kristin is going to have it pretty easy till’ the finish line.

Having gone through pregnancy barely over a year ago, Cavallari feels pretty confident about knowing what to do as she’s now an experienced parents. Although her energy levels seem diminished these days, she counters: “But it is easier in the sense that I know what to expect, and I have all of my maternity clothes already. All of that stuff is done, so that’s nice.” That must be a big stress relief for the young Reality star as we know how the small things can cause the biggest stress during pregnancy and preparation by anticipation is the way to go for a smooth as possible pregnancy. Kudos to her for thinking ahead!

But Cavallari is also doing the small things right: “I’m a pretty healthy eater, although I went through a really heavy sugar phase for about two weeks, and then I had to back off a little bit,” she affirms. “First trimester for both of my pregnancies has been a lot of carbs and sugar, and then in the second trimester I snap out of the tiredness and can start eating healthy again and working out a little bit more.” she added.

In regards to her workout routine, Cavallari divulged that her workout sessions are made of “Pilates a couple of times a week, and the StairMaster and light weights.”

One thing she willingly shared was her preferred sex for her baby though she wouldn’t mind it one way or another: “Of course I want a little girl, but another boy would be a ton of fun too, so I really don’t care either way. There’s great things about both.”

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