My Toddler’s Favorite Word: “NO!”

Ava Loves The Word No

Remember the days when you wished your baby would say a word? My daughter, Ava’s first word was ‘mama’ at 6 months. Around  10-11 months she started saying words consistently.  Her favorite word was Anana (Banana).

That was all nice and dandy, but then toddlerhood happened. Don’t get me wrong I love that Ava speaks well and can say 5-6  word sentences, but their are some things about learning to speak I have not enjoyed!

For example, some of the words she uses make her sound a little opinionated and bossy! Her favorite word now? NO! NO! and NO!. Yup, I swear she could find a way to say no to everything. She even points her finger and says, “NO, NO, NO!” when someone does something she really doesn’t like.

The time I hate the world ‘no’ most? At dinner time! Ava seems to love it best then! Thankfully, I doubt I am the only mom who has a 2-year-old who loves the word no.

She also thinks the word, “move” is hilarious. Like the word no, she can integrate it into almost every scenario. If I’m sitting, standing or being jumped on she will shout, “MOVE, mommy, MOVE!”.  Most times she is trying to be funny, but to a stranger she just might sound like a miniature diva!

The word “careful” is another word she constantly uses. She uses the world to herself when she gets nervous over something she is doing. She also says it when she is close to something she knows she  needs to be cautious around (like stairs). Best of all though is when she tells mommy and daddy to be careful. Putting her in the tub, putting on her shoes and simply not carrying how she like will make her invoke the word. I always laugh and say, “Ava, this is mommy I am ALWAYS careful with you!”

What words does your toddler love? The good and the irritating!